Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three to one inches tomorrow.......

.....at least that's what our middle kid says after hearing the forecast for Thanksgiving Eve. Yep, 3 to 1, that's how it works up here in Minnesota. Or maybe he's stating the odds, I don't know. 3 to 1 for Thanksgiving and some mumblings at school and on the radio about a bigger one coming late over the weekend.

I say I'm prepared for this stuff, but I'm sure the gear we had back home for "winter play" is not gonna come close to what's needed for every day play here. Remember, the schools back home didn't send you out for recess if it was below 32. Here they don't send you out if it's below zero. So I'm hoping to learn as we go. For now we have the basics.....

...long underwear, decent gloves, and ear covering hats. Thanks to a wonderful place called "Once Upon a Child" I was able to update all of their snowpants to their new size - used and cheap.

She wore those a whole Saturday, the same Saturday the kids and I decided we would talk in English accents the entire weekend. We had a few people at the park and in the grocery store convinced anyway.

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