Thursday, November 5, 2009

My First Born............Lately

There's not a whole lot of different stuff goin' on with this boy.

Only one thing consumes his every thought each and every day.

He wishes he lived a few miles from here once again....,

...and he's spent his free time lately drawing his Christmas list that includes a forage cap, sack coat and trousers.

Oh, and a bayonet with scabbard and a gum blanket. All issued or approved by the 1st Minnesota Regiment.

On our quick trip back to MD about a month ago we made sure to head down to Antietam again, knowing it would be quite awhile till we return. While others were excited to run wildly up and down bloody lane; this one's content to take his time and soak it all in.

He's serious about all this I'm tellin' ya. Don't even think about underestimating him.

I mean, this past Tuesday night at our second meeting with the 1st Minnesota I overheard him discussing "The Last Full Measure" with two other members quadruple his age.

Yep, he's serious alright. But at the rate his feet are growin', those $120 wartime contract Jefferson square toed sewn soles Bootees with leather laces are gonna have to wait.

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