Friday, November 13, 2009

See this happy face?

It turns sad and fearful at night

Since we've moved she's been sleepwalking and having some crazy nightmares, I tell ya. The latest one that woke us all in the middle of the night was the giant boot coming to crush her. Because of limited space she sleeps with me every night so you'd think that would help, along with the dog that now has realized she likes to sleep on a real bed. We've said extra bedtime prayers but unfortunately none of that helped and the scary dreams, we decided to take action!
We all decided we needed some little creatures to post outside the bedroom to help chase the scary thoughts away. So we painted some. Even the big brothers pitched in to help in a rare moment that I'd like to call "I love my little sister and I want to help her out".

What I could not photograph (for fear of those pics surfacing later to destroy their future careers) was her big brothers performing some kind of ritualistic dance they planned while wearing moms clothes to scare those spooky nighttime thoughts away. It worked, because now when she wakes in the middle of the night she giggles remembering her brothers disco dancing in moms bra and shoes. Yep, sometimes ya just gotta take action.
Gee, I really wish I could show you those pictures though.

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