Sunday, November 1, 2009

Terrible, Isn't It?

Is such greediness really necessary?Why yes, it certainly is.

You see, in my determination to keep this move from being too much of a disruption to their little lives, I have gone overboard.Back home Halloween was typical, trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, each year going a little bit farther and a little bit longer to try to actually fill the entire bag. We never really got that far with the kids in various stages and ages. One of us always had to escort someone home who was too tired, too cold or in our seconds case...too starved for candy to go one house more. Well, this year, being in an unfamiliar area and not really trusting the particular one we are temporarily renting in- I decided to travel.Yes, I'm one of those parents who trucks their kids into other neighborhoods to beg for candy and I'm not ashamed of it!
One house even had a hot chocolate stand which was a big hit since it was 33 degrees. Yes, I said 33. Can you guess that's something we're not used to on a Halloween night? After the first hour we chickened out and completed the second hour by warmed vehicle. Yes, we did two and a half hours of trick or treating and the loot you saw above was about half of what they got. Excessive I know but they've had to deal with so much transition in the last two months I kinda felt they deserved it.Funny, knocking on doors to say trick-or-treat is something they just couldn't get used to. Back home people sat outside with their bowls. I had to explain that in this kind of cold nobody was actually going to wait outside for you to show. And if you were wondering, the military costume donned by our second at first was traded in last minute for the Willy Wonka get up that we just happened to create at the last second.Have you ever seen such fabulous hair? Lasted only 20 seconds in the moon bounce. Moon bounce you ask? That was at the church Pumpkin Patch Festival. The kids got to play lots of games and win even more candy. The Queen got to make her own pie and everyone enjoyed a chilly pony ride.

Our youth pastor as...........

.......a black-eyed pea, and a lovely young lady who happens to be the kids very first real baby-sitter who wasn't a grandparent. (more about her later in another post)

The horse would've been an accessory to his costume if he could've planned it that way.

And since we're still on the Halloween subject I have to include the outing we had last weekend to ZooBoo at the Como Zoo. Here we are on the bus ride from the parking lot.
There really weren't any animals out, it was more about the costumed characters that were passing out candy. The boys were thinking it was a little too young for their tastes........

...until they stopped to have "tea" at the Mad Hatter's tea party. By the way, you didn't see this picture.Yeah, I gotta admit, these guys aren't exciting anymore to my fellas and things were starting to look a little grim...............until this guy showed up. Then mom was back in their good graces again. Yep, I think I wore them out this season in my efforts to keep things as normal as possible. After all, they never really did all of this any other year now that I think about it

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