Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Fab 15

Here we are with a first time intro to the crew that provide us with an abundance of unconditional love and affection every day. Yes, they even have middle names. Most of'em anyhow.

Gideon Steve

4 yrs

Loves the sink.
Prefers to sleep in the basement, alone in the dark.
Could melt you with those "bedroom eyes".
If I were a cat, I think I'd marry him.

Tinkerbell Louise

13 yrs.
Loves only two people - me and Pop Pop.
Prefers to stay in the upper level of the house, away from the action.
Could be the tiniest 13 yr. old cat ever, she never grew.
She gets the award for having the most expensive vet issues as a youngster @ $1000.

Annie Barbara


Loves food. Period.
Prefers belly rubs to ear rubs.
Could find a piece of candy the kids have dropped all the way across the yard. Blind. Because she is totally blind.
Has spent 90% of her life in this position.

Oliver Winston


Loves to sneak outside to chew grass
Prefers to snuggle with Boo
Could probably solve the world's problems if he could only speak.
The most human of any animal I've ever known

Boo Linda

11 yrs.
Loves her main man Oliver.
Prefers to eat seated at the dinner table alongside people.
Could possibly have the most beautiful eyes in the family- yellow with blue rings.
Will find even the tiniest speck of sunlight on the carpet and lay in it.

Arwyn Betsy

3 yrs.
Loves to make trouble.
Prefers couches and chairs to floors.
Could be found trapped in the upstairs bathroom by two cats guarding the doorway, a few times a week.
Possibly a contortionist.
Rebecca May
2 yrs.
Loves to chase a shoelace around the house.
Prefers her treats to be thrown down the steps to be chased rather than on the bed.
Could've died. Had to be resuscitated at birth.
Has a secret crush on Gideon.

Luna Tuna
6 yrs.
Loves to be in control.
Prefers to come to you. Do not try to come to her.
Could be the grouchiest animal I know and may actually be related to the badger.
Has literally "thrown" Arwyn down the steps.

Sirius Black, Harry Potter, Ron and Fred - our Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

about a year old

They really are very sweet. That's all you have to know.

Daisy and Gypsy

2 yrs.

Sisters who love to eat. They will eat anything I tell ya!

They like to flaunt their sexy legs.


Age Unknown

Our "stray" that made friends with the dogs in the backyard first before warming up to the lady with the paper plate full of scraps.

Has tried the indoors, but is claustrophobic.

Unequivocally a part of the family now.

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