Thursday, July 9, 2009

Questions Answered

Every once in a while I have to ask- Why?

For example:

Why is it that the cat food I put out for the stray cat every morning disappears within minutes before the cat even shows up?

Question answered. By the way- is he still a stray after almost two years of feeding him morning and night and leaving the garage door cracked in the winter? MoonPie's his name.

Check out the ring around his tail! Handsome bugger,he is.


Why does the dog practically claw her way out of the window at 5 in the morning and bark so loud you think your being robbed?

Question answered. I guess she just wants to be part of the action out there. After all, being inside is so boring


Why is playing war with your little brother a new experience every time- no matter how many times a day you play it?
Question answered. Can't really think of a comment for this one.

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