Monday, July 13, 2009

"Not Me Monday" Gettin' Ready to LIST

Yep! Getting ready to list the house. After weeks of preparation, lots of Spongebob, and Popsicles and Hershey bars used as bribes we're almost done. Poppy came all the way up from TN to help with the painting and Grandma and Pop Pop have been over almost every day doing something whether it's entertaining the kids, cooking or wielding a paint brush. It sure has been a family effort - which brings me to this weeks -

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I did not tell my daughter that if she wanted to go to the pool, she had to lend a hand instead of following me around the whole morning asking me when we were going to the pool- that could be misconstrued as a bribe, couldn't it?
I did not tell my son that if he wanted to play with the dog he had to get in the crate with her (not really thinking he would do so) because we were worried she would get loose outside with all of the traffic in and out the door. Especially since a photo like this might alert Social Services.

I did not allow my two boys to have a paintbrush and set them loose on the garage walls. That would be totally irresponsible of me.
Pop Pop and Poppy gave them permission, however. Not sure yet if the paint will come out of that over-priced NFL jersey yet.

I absolutely did not buy this extravagantly priced hanging basket to hang from my porch because I thought it might attract a home buyer.

It does however attract butterflies which makes it worth every penny of that twenty-five dollars!

No picture, but I most definitely did not decide - to not suck up the spider I found in the corner of the basement with the shop vac. You see, as I was sucking up her web she wrapped her little mama spider body around that little ol' egg sac and hung on for dear life, bracing herself for the end. Those of you who know me, know there's no way I could do it. Sorry people, she conveys with the house.....along with all 600 of her offspring I suppose.

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