Friday, July 3, 2009

How Impressive Is This Guy?

We had the privilege of attending the Gettysburg 146th Anniversary Civil War Battle Reenactment today. The weather was incredible, almost more like fall than July. Check out those clouds in her sunglasses!

She was thrilled to see this guy go down and hollered excitedly "He's not dead yet!" when a few minutes later he raised his head a little to peek at what was going on. I'm sure no one was supposed to actually see that.

We had the Gray........................

..............and the Blue

And then we had these guys who made you feel like you should have been getting their autograph even though they had never stepped foot on a movie set

They were that good.

The kids really enjoyed it- jumping across hay bales, falling in hay bales, hiding in hay bales........Our oldest was practically crawling out of his skin with all of the sutler tents selling their wares. He came home with a hand sewn period style shirt, suspenders and pants to add to the hat and jacket he already had at home. The other two were happy with hand carved walking sticks- a turtle and a horse.

We told him the $115 brogans would have to wait............maybe Christmas?

Our second ate his way through vendor row, not content until he had the blue snow cone, hot pretzel, hamburger, kettle corn, french fries, $3 bottle of coke, fruit roll-up, granola bar, chocolate chip cookies (okay, a few of those were from the house) and his favorite- the fruit cup
He would've been elated if we had agreed to the beef jerky, cherry horehound candy and sassafras soda from the Doc's Libations tent.

Our daughter on the other hand frightened us by head butting the bleachers. Unconcerned, she just chose to lounge around waiting for the fighting to start. Hmm, looks like we need another coat of purple polish, and a BATH.

Really, a good time was had by all...............

Well, except for maybe this guy

Seriously though, let's just take another look at this guy; because he simply couldn't be any more awesome!

And since the music is probably still playing (and you have to hear this music)we should take a look at these too. These reenactors come from worldwide and go to great lengths to pull this off every year and to them I say- Job Well Done! Happy Fourth!

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  1. Hi there! I was just doing some blog hopping from MckMama's Not Me Monday and came across your blog. I have to say that I LOVED the Gettysburgh photos! That is one of my all-time favorite places and I'm so jealous that you were there for the re-enactment! Beautiful pics!! Have a great week!

    ~ Jennifer