Friday, July 24, 2009


..........we'll have a photograph to put here on this shelf; along with the momentos that we've collected over the last several months to remind us we have a daughter waiting for us in South Korea.

In about 5 or 6 months that picture will come by Fed-Ex from our agency. We'll probably get a call to expect it and I'll probably take a personal day to sit and wait for it. She'll be propped up (remember, she'll be about 7 months old) on a very ornate chair- gold with a red seat. It is the chair that all of the babies are photographed sitting on. Of course it won't just be a photograph; there will also be her detailed medical history as well as information about her mother and father if it is known. She will have a name and we will probably decide to keep it as her middle name. We have yet to decide on a name for her at this time. It's mind boggling to think that she's here already, probably born in June, maybe May - if the timeline continues to be correct. We think about her everyday, and I also think about how heartbreaking it must have been for her mother to give her up. I can't imagine the immense pressure she felt to give up such a huge part of herself - but I will be forever grateful that she made that choice.

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  1. We are excited about the adoption too. Our new grandaughter from Korea may not have our looks and our culture but she will "definitely" have both of our hearts.
    Mom & Dad