Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Freckles

I've always noticed every freckle that turns up- on arms, backs, legs and especially on faces. Two out of my four are very fair skinned so they were like a white canvas when they were little and those freckles were easy to spot once they surfaced. Of course during the summer they loved to make their debut. Our oldest literally had a constellation appear on his forehead one August. The First Lady awoke one morning with this one about a month ago. I swear it wasn't there the night before and that the freckle fairy must've paid an overnight visit.

So it was to my great surprise when Lil' Lady came up with one of her own. In the same spot. {well almost}

Since we missed a good many of her"firsts" I'm glad I at least get the opportunity to catch that freckle.

and I'm especially glad that as sisters they get to share it:)

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