Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our oldest lately

Has been spending his summer stealing bases
{I call this his "jedi creep"}

and runnin' home

But on this day last year he was headed somewhere else

We knew a tremendously long flight, jet lag and foreign food wouldn't be too much for this guy so he accompanied us to South Korea to bring his new baby sister home

I look at these photos and I'm blown away not only by how fast this past year has gone but also by how much he has changed

Taller with muscles and a deeper voice.....
{lookin' like his dad from the back for sure}
and the inability to rise out of bed before 10am when last year at this time and every year prior since the day of his birth he has been a crack o' dawn type of kid

I can't keep this guy fed enough, when he's hungry look out

Still lovin' his military history, baseball of course and dare I say it.....texting

When he met his sister in Korea for the very first time, unlike mom and dad, there were no nerves just pure excitement

Where we had to worry about paperwork and asking the millions of questions we had about our new daughter to our social worker and foster mom - he could just play with her.

She took to him right away and they've been buds ever since

Stay tuned for lots of Lil' Lady updates as we celebrate the anniversary of her homecoming in the next week. I was hoping to have some updates on all of our seeds but since my camera is now broken I'm working off of pictures I've taken a while back and never posted before so it will at least be something until I can get a working camera!

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