Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Need

Normally my blog is intended to keep family members up to date, but I also have a lot of readers in the adoption world that can relate to Tracy's story. Tracy is one of my "cyber" friends whom I have never met. Like me, she is from the great state of Ohio and has a wonderful family blessed by adoption. I found her blog {See "Journey" blog to the left} at the beginning of our adoption journey about a year and a half ago- and right before she brought her son Asher home from Korea. I have followed it ever since. Right now, Tracy and her family have an immediate need in order to help them bring home Emi Faith, a special needs little girl whose story can be read HERE - written by another adoption friend who is also getting the word out and has a fabulous giveaway for those who help. Please take the time to read about Emi Faith and this family's brave journey to bring her home.

Even better, please consider clicking HERE on Tracy's blog to make a donation through Paypal, (the button is on the right side of her blog). I remember how tough it was to scrape up that last bit needed last summer in order to buy the plane tickets we needed to go and bring our daughter home, It was scary I tell ya. A plane ticket to Korea costs between $1200 and $1600!!Even the littlest amount will help, so head on over and click that Paypal button- it's as easy as pie and will taste just as good:)
Please keep Emi and her family in your prayers!

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