Friday, April 29, 2011

What not Wednesday 3 {and a little late}


so things have been crazysauce around these parts since the hubs left for Australia for a few weeks. Trying to get in that single mom groove has been tricky. It's been a while since I've held down the fort solo so I'm a little rusty- so yes, honey, if you're reading this while on "walk about" I did forget about all of those little things you do day in and day out that add up. Like pouring the milk for the First Lady while I'm ironing and makin' sure our oldest doesn't go back to bed after turning the shower on while waiting for the water to warm up. A green family we are not...due to moments just like these.

and then there's baseball practice, still held during arctic conditions. I would have conveniently sent you being that you're hardier stock than I.

i've also been enjoying hearing about the cute and funny things that little children have been saying on other people's blogs and feeling a bit bummed out thinking those days were on pause for us since the Lil' Lady is still not talkin' yet and the next oldest seems to be correcting everything I seem to say anymore. But I guess I wasn't payin' attention because just this week that same kid, came up with a few that had me laughing. At baseball practice, while huddled under many blankets in her chair she was fascinated with the woods in the distance and wondered if there were any "van tires" in them. I was perplexed at first wondering how she knew people dumped tires in the woods, let alone tires that could be from a particular type of vehicle until she went on to tell me that she was in fact a van tire herself. Then I knew she meant vampire. Then this morning while watching the royal wedding and waiting to see what color the queen mum's hat would be she was startled to realize that the Queen was actually Betty White. Just think, if it weren't for that Super Bowl commercial a year ago, millions of children everywhere would have no clue who Betty White was. Now she's everywhere, and in front of Westminster Abbey- and bestowing new titles to boot!

and last, on a sad note, our guinea pig has passed away. She was with us for almost 5 years making her unequivocally a cherished member of the family. Every night before bed we would give her a cracker and cover her cage and I knew when she didn't rush to claim her cracker that night that there was something wrong. I held her for three hours into the night after the kids said their goodbyes knowing that she wouldn't make it until morning and not wanting her to be alone. At exactly 11:30 pm she took her last breath, and after much sobbing {my own} I remembered the hubs wasn't here to help take care of the burial so at midnight I was rummaging around in the garage looking for a small box to put her in. I had to settle on a Nike shoebox and pink tissue so I wrapped her up placed her in the box and then bagged the box and placed it in the extra freezer we have in the garage so the colonel could help with the digging when he comes home. So the next morning when Grandma was putting the kids on the bus I was told that the First Lady was tearing up again and in an effort to make her feel better, Grandma reassured her that piggie was okay and that she was in heaven now. Well, not being one to miss an opportunity to correct, the First Lady said- "no she's not Grandma, she's in the freezer".

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