Monday, November 24, 2014

can't forget softball!

the First Lady played from April to October this year...the regular season and fall ball.
 learning some pitching drills
 love how excited she is here:)

 this was her summer team, she played 10u.

 slidin' into home!

 our Oldest asked me throw him a pack of smarties...right after he caught them he fell backward!
 she sure is a fast runner...her teammates awarded her the "fastest runner" at the end of the season!

 the Lil' Lady attended E.V.E.R.Y. game... the First Lady's and her brothers games!
 here she got to be a spectator at a very special "friends" baseball game.


  this was her first time pitching. i know she was a bit nervous but she did awesome!
 this was her fall team:)

 stealing home!

 she dove for the ball here...she got it and then threw it to first for an out:)

 at the end of the season her team placed third in state!

here's to her third season coming soon in about 137 days!

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