Saturday, November 8, 2014

super warp speed catch up!

 happy fall! just posting a few highlights from the past several weeks including our trip to the pumpkin farm, pumpkin carving, and some Halloween parties at school
 she was all about transporting the pumpkins :)

 yes, we see your muscles you've been working so hard on :)

 this was the first year the boys were allowed to carve on their own. quite pics, but no trips to urgent care either.

 proud Lil' Lady:)
the First Lady at her school party...her last since she's off to middle school next year :( 
 Kindergarten party... the Lil' Lady was over the moon excited!

 back at the ranch, our oldest was ready to take the reins from Grandma after 15 years and pass out the candy. I personally do not think 15 is too old for trick or treating but seeing that he's 6. 3 he though a few would think he's the parent I guess.
 our Second looking dapper. he was going to go along and snag some candy but decided at the last minute to stay with his brother and pass out candy. so I guess it's over for both. mama is sad, they are growing up too fast:(

 the crew!

stay tuned for as many posts as i can possibly handle in the next weeks. i just spent the day sorting and editing 100's of photos that i'm quite behind on so now they need a post!

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