Monday, November 10, 2014

the race

 so our First Lady participated in her 5th grade cross country race a few weeks ago!
{that's her in orange third one in from the right}
{her face is blocked in this pic}
all fifth graders from five elementary schools were to run in 4 different categories depending on their skill level chosen by their p.e. teacher. our girl was put in the "orange" category...which happened to be the competitive group and boy was she nervous.
 the course for this group was much harder and much longer so she was worried she wasn't going to finish!
 but she took her dad's advice (former high school cross country runner) and paced her self.
  last stretch!
 in the end she placed first out of all the girls in her school and sixth out of all the girls in all five schools! I think she was surprised...winded and surprised!
 i think all that base running she does may have helped with her speed, but that stamina is something else!

 wondering if we have a second generation cross country runner?

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