Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Another house divided, and only a few of us unhappy with the outcome of the game.
 All I can say, is when you grow up a Cleveland Brown's fan in northeast Ohio, it doesn't matter who's playing Steelers- you root for the other team. So most of us put on some green to root for the Packers. Didn't have much, because we're still up here tryin' our best to be Viking's fans so any shade of green it was. 

 Then some tried to recruit more allies- "what? you say I need to root for Pittsburgh?"
 And a certain lil' Lady gained an appreciation for the game, and some mad skills you'll see below.
 Maybe some powder puff football in her future??
 Towards the end, only one admitted defeat
 Taking the ball into the end zone......
.....and gettin' her touchdown celebration groove on

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