Monday, February 14, 2011

Our second....tiny update

So our boys aren't much for having their pictures taken lately. It's been hard to catch them. Knowing that they're probably going to end up on here is most likely why:)
But I did catch this moment a while back. The lil' Lady had been napping in the office and woke up crying. When I went to go get her, this is what I saw...big brother heard the crying and ran upstairs to bring down a music box for her. He was a bit embarassed when I caught him.
Yet another attempt to stay up past 10pm on a Friday night
Sportin' the long locks lately
And there you have it, our second boy, not quite ten and a half yet. Still hatin' math but lovin' to cook...and can't wait for this snow to be gone so he can get out there in his shorts and play basketball and baseball.


  1. checking in on your family always puts a smile on my face :)
    Karen Gann