Friday, August 31, 2012

entering eighth

 but all I can think about is that this time next year we'll be entering high school,
 and that is just not acceptable.
when i had my open house at school a few nights ago i chatted with several parents who actually ventured upstairs to visit the art teacher and that seemed to be the main topic of conversation, how fast they grow. really, once they hit kindergarten times flies and i hate it.
 he's dying to get back to school, but i'm thinkin' it's just for the social scene and once the homework kicks in he'll be missin' those lazy summer days in the pool.
i know i talk about how big he's getting all of the time but seriously those legs are long, aren't they?
don't even get me started about the feet. we're going shoe shopping today and i'm anticipating at least a size and half larger than what he was last spring.  
 although baseball's been his thing for quite sometime i see a bit of drama in his future. he can impersonate anyone, speak in any accent and has quite the personality. he wants to give it a try so we're lookin' into it.
after all, ya gotta have something to fall back on when you retire from baseball right?

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