Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ first day 2012-2013

Ni Hao Yall

 yes....this really is her first day too. going on the bus. to a classroom. inside an elementary school. she's so excited to be doing the same thing her sibs are this morning.  
 even has a new backpack. i know it looks like a boy's backpack but it had a dog on it. she was thrilled beyond belief to see that. she loves her dogs let me tell ya.
 these guys were fired up this morning... they couldn't wait to get to that middle school. that'll wear off
 the First lady was happy to go but still a bit sleepy eyed. not as pumped as her brothers!
 another school year. happy to get the ball rollin', after all, the first day of school is just one day closer to summer vacation, right? mama's just not lookin' forward to all that homework. blech.

 we're gonna have to work on the silly picture concept with the Lil' Lady. she can do much better than that:)
Happy School Year 2012-2013!
God is Good:)

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  1. Such a big step for your littlest one! Love her backpack, and the fact that she wanted that doggie on it :)
    Happy School Year to you, too!