Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Changes

Our girl is growing and gaining some independence lately 
Ni Hao Yall
with going to pre-school everyday now i think she's decided she can do everything by herself which has caused quite a few messes lately.
like just this morning she filled the toilet with one 9 ft. strip of toilet paper she used to blow her nose.....
she used to come to me for that.
she also decided to make her own breakfast by going to the pantry with her step stool and getting out a bag of sour gummy worms.
there have been other incidents which have required the steam cleaner but we won't discuss it so close to dinner:)
i'm sure she figures she's savin' mom the trouble of trying to tackle these tasks on her own but this mama's a little worried about what she'll try on her own next.
it all boils down to her desire to do whatever the big people are doing. from the moment we brought her home she's observed and emulated. her toys at 13 months were calculators, cell phones, pens, keyboards and whatever else we had in OUR hands; it took her forever to be interested in age appropriate toys.
at the end of last school year, grandma surprised me by bringing her into my classroom to visit. it wasn't long before she hopped onto one of the art stools at table 3 and drew right along with my fourth graders!
along with the independence has also come this crazy creative eye. she' making connections with what she sees in her books to real life and she can even repeat what she's learned in school for the day which is huge.
this was her breakfast plate awhile back. she kept saying "duck mama, duck" and i'd look out the screen door thinking they were out in the field as they usually are but she kept pointing to her plate and then I saw it. of course i was so impressed i grabbed my camera, but she had even done the same thing with a shadow on the ceiling that the light fixture was making too another time. She said 'butterfly" and it definitely looked like one! i'm thinking, hey, maybe i've passed on my creative genes:)
 have no idea where she learned this from though but i love that she had to have both of them.

yep, our Lil' Lady sure has changed but i have to say we love her just the same, if not more:)


  1. Hehehe! She is just too cute!!!

  2. So cute!
    She sounds like our Tallula... and if so, you've got your hands full!