Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday~ the gift

the long road
a few weeks back our second turned twelve and headed off to 7th grade. no longer the newbie in middle school; this year he's acquired a bit more confidence and a great outlook. remember, this is my boy who'd rather be outside under the hoop or on the mound rather than reading a book or listening to a teacher lecture on and on. so far he's enjoying his classes and the smaller load of homework from last year which this mama is grateful for too!

we promised him a birthday party with a bunch of friends to come over and swim in the new pool but a few weeks before the big day we thought of something better. something he's wanted but was a bit pricier than what we usually spend on a birthday so we gave him a choice- have 20 kids come over or have a family party with a sweeter gift. we didn't want to tell him what the gift was to leave it a surprise but after he thought about it for a day, he chose the gift.

 the week of his birthday happened to be the same week our new dishwasher arrived so we thought it would be funny to bring him out to the garage to get the awesome birthday "gift" he chose over a party

 thankfully he had a good sense of humor when he finally realized he just opened a dishwasher. he was actually kind of gracious about it at first not wanting to hurt our feelings. then he was annoyed.
so when the big day arrived and he knew the real deal was coming he just couldn't handle the suspense.

but we made him wait to open it last... and i have to admit i was feelin' the pressure. what if he regretted not choosing the party?

but in the end it was totally worth it. he even forgot he wanted an ipod touch which was even better cause he wasn't expectin' it!


i think getting a dishwasher for your 12th birthday makes a better story though, oh well.

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  1. I think he made out quite well for #12 b-day. Looks like it was a great day! Congrats on the dishwasher too.