Wednesday, August 1, 2012

50th anniversary!

so we traveled down to Tennessee to celebrate Grammy and Poppy's 50th wedding anniversary!

there were a few firsts with this trip, the Lil' Lady's first time on an airplane. Yeah, I know....we brought her home on an airplane but we've blocked that trip from our memories.

i'm pretty sure she did too.

here we are waiting for our bird to arrive. everyone was patient, including the Lil' Lady who snuck into my carry on and found my her survival kit and swiped a dum dum earlier than planned. this kid's nuts for lollipops, they single handedly got us through baseball season.

still checkin' to see what else mom has up her sleeve.

i have to admit, i was worried. i wasn't sure if she'd stay in her seat

but once i presented her with all of her gear she got quite serious and settled in for the 2 hr. ride.

fast forward to our first day in TN with Grammy and Poppy who took us all bowling!

and i gotta say, bowling shoes never looked cuter on any other human being.
management brought out the "rack" that helped her roll her ball.

she did pretty well and got upset only a few times when it wasn't her turn to go.

some people were quite competitive, but most just had fun.

this was also the Lil' Lady's first time meeting Uncle Rodney....who she's still talkin' about!

my one and only niece!

later in the week Grammy and Poppy planned a birthday party for the Lil' Lady at Chuck E. Cheese.


i know Grammy was worried at first the boys might be too old for Chuck, but they rocked it and have no problem with goin' back they said to spend their 2400+ tickets!

this girl however, loved the games, the food, the balloons and the favors......

just not the mouse. if she'd had any idea he was behind her that close at that moment she would've hightailed it for the door. Chuck was clever enough to maneuver his way around her for the photo op once he knew she was petrified of him. She'll tell ya she loves Chuck, he just has to be 30 feet away at all times. Must be the teeth, I don't know.

the kids helped decorate her cupcakes

and gather her pinata loot

and daddy helped her grab as many tickets as she could in the hurricane booth.

here we are painting rocks. everyone painted a rock and signed it for Grammy to put in her garden for their 50th. i wish i'd taken a picture of all of them together, they were beautiful!

here were just a few.....

the night before we left we took them out for their anniversary. seafood, ribs, chicken, steak and the best hush puppies mama ever tasted. wish there was a restaurant like that here in MN!

50 years!
early the next morning we went to a hot air balloon launch...another first!

before leavin' we discovered where our second got his cheek bones...that would be Poppy's senior picture he's holding.
and that our oldest looked pretty good in Uncle Walt's Navy hat
and that Grammy's a darn good seamstress!

Thanks Grammy and Poppy for havin' us and congratulations on 50 years!

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