Thursday, August 16, 2012

a rewind....

while sorting and organizing pic files on a different computer i came across this moment that i never did post. i have tons, literally tons of posts i'm behind on and spending the time to go this far back seems a bit crazy but i can't not ever post it, know what i mean?our first summer in our new house. our first full summer in MN. probably not quite unpacked from the move and still wondering what there is to do around the neighborhood, my kiddos pulled out the game of Life a couple mornings after the last day of brother and i used to play this game for hours and loved it!

yeah, it always starts off kinda fun and happy, but it it always goes south at some point.
someone wanted to switch their career path midway through the game,and this one didn't want to share the wealth.

and then there was the "ewww..... do we have to get married mom?"
and it soon get to be just too much to handle
board games are definitely not their thing......
even now!

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