Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First hike and first time in the boat

Yes, the Lost Forty. Actually a National Forest with a unique history and not the moniker of the driver actually that age who got lost trying to get us there.

Lil' lady eager to be outta the car seat and on the trail. Her hike was short lived as she spent most of it on mama's back.

Just one of the 350 year old pines
and since she saw everyone else touching the bark she had to do the same

Gee, only 348 years between them

The hike was a mile long with a stop half way through at the river. It was here we heard some odd noises. Not sure if it was a bear, hoping it was a moose or deer we high tailed it out.

We thought this root looked like a bird's foot

This one barely made it out of the forest. I think I heard him mumbling the word McDonald's over and over. I didn't have the heart to tell him there wasn't one of those for over an hour away and we would not be going. Luckily I had cookies stowed in the car.

Back at the cabin it was all about the lake and who could get in what

Everyone got a ride in a kayak, some just not pictured

First trip out in the fishing boat

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