Monday, July 11, 2011

First day at the lake

Lil' Lady had a minor meltdown when we arrived. Could've been the 4.5 car ride, but mostly she wondered where in the heck we brought her to. Once we brought her high chair into the cabin and set her up with her blankey, music and snacks she was "home" again, and it was all good.
View from the cabin

Our cabin is between those trees

First time in sand

Not the first time in sand

This guy had looked at the pictures of this water trampoline for weeks

He couldn't wait to get out there and get on it

Lake was a bit cold at first, and some weren't quite sure what the the excitement was all about

She decided early on the lake wasn't her thing and preferred to spend her time

in the sand
in the chairs, or in the heated pool up the hill
to everybody else though, swimmin' in a Minnesota lake was quite refreshing
stay tuned...even more up north pics to come

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