Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missing guest of honor~ Sunday Snapshot

Last year about this time we celebrated a birthday

Granted, we had yet to meet our birthday girl.... She was thousands of miles away, and she was turning one- But we were not about to let that happen without a celebration So dad fired up the grill

The First Lady made some decorations

and we had ourselves a birthday party

We even did the pinata

which some found another use for

It was strange and a bit sad to not have our guest of honor there with us, but we knew that soon she would be home and we could celebrate all of her birthdays together

Everyone had fun picking out her gifts.....

and then opening them for her!

Someday I hope she'll see these pictures and realize how much we missed her even before we knew her:)
In just five days, however, we'll be able to share her 2nd birthday together

God is Good

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