Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ten Things I've learned about Minnesota Winters....So Far

This Sunday's Snapshot is about me....and what I've learned from my move to Minnesota. Don't get me wrong, I'm no stranger to snow- grew up in north eastern Ohio and even experienced a few 30 inchers back home in Maryland. This is just the list of things I didn't expect. Make sure you click here to see little miss Vivi over at Ni Hao Y'all. They just made it home from China!!

Ten Things I've Learned About Minnesota Winters
  1. I can no longer wear my socks. Man socks are required.
  2. That for the first time since I was five, the frozen snot dripped onto the front of my winter coat is unfortunately my own. You see, when it's 18 below your nose hairs surrender and no longer do their duty.
  3. That strange thumping noise following my truck every morning on the way to work is the moisture in my tires that has created an ice ball overnight.
  4. That maneuvering a shopping cart full of groceries in a parking lot up here should be a winter Olympic sport.
  5. As a mom of three you can never have too many pairs of gloves; they never stick around for too long.
  6. There is a plastic made to cover windows in your house....and if a football is thrown at that bulging plastic covering the window- a cold air mass the size of Texas will take up residence in your little living room and stay.
  7. That even when you take the dog out in the morning, and you've prepared for it to be icy- it doesn't help a darn bit- You're still goin' down......and your dog will stand there and do nothing to help you.
  8. There can be moguls in a school parking lot.
  9. Freezing Fog is real, look it up.
  10. Road salt is a clothing accessory

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  1. 18 below? Oh MY!! We've got it made over here in New England :)
    P.S. Great picture... might be cold but it sure is pretty!