Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't Remember When We Last Had A White Christmas

But there was no escapin' it this year!
Christmas Morning, about 6:30 am- each year they sleep just a tad bit later.....
I love these pics, mostly because they capture the rare moment where all three are happy at one time anticipation and excitement of Christmas morning.
There was a quick discussion of who would pass out gifts this year, and then the race was on!

This one had hoped he would get something off of the required equipment list for the 1st Minnesota Regiment. He's required to begin as a Fifer in the fife and drum corps so the Rosewood Fife in B Flat hand crafted by Cooperman's was his big gift this year.

Look at those lips gettin' ready

This one,remember,is our food guy so his favorites this year were the hot dog and bun toaster and his own M&M dispenser.

And this one, well, this one is forever the little diva. She was most excited over the dolls with interchangeable wigs and her first pair of shoes with heels. Don't worry, they will be strictly special occasion shoes.

Since we are new to Minnesota this Christmas we did what we imagined most Minnesotans do on Christmas Day and went out to build a snow fort....... least the men did, while the ladies remained inside and combed wigs.

I'd have to say our first Christmas here was unique, but with most of our usual traditions still mixed in here and there.
Even the dog was left a few treats in the stocking from Santa.

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