Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never thought I'd see the day.........

....that this kid would have a pair of cross country skis strapped onto his feet.
See that guy in the background? That's the phy. ed. teacher, and quite possibly the bravest man in the world to allow this. Having a cross country ski unit in gym class is totally foreign to these kids of mine.
He started off alright, and made it around the first few cones before losing a ski that he couldn't get back on.
So he carried it.
Probably safer that way.
Those of you who know my first born, know that the word "coordinated" is not in his vocabulary. People just passing him on the sidewalk have been known to be bulldozed in some manner or another. What I didn't get on camera were the select few that found themselves at the wrong end of his poles as he was flailing and trying to get his balance.

"This was my favorite part"-he told me later.

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