Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- The Man of the House

I decided it was past due to feature the husband, the man of the house, the fixer of all things "unfixable", and the reason why we are all here in this great state of Minnesota. Hop on over to Ni Hao Y'all to browse other Sunday Snapshots from other bloggers like myself. Also, while your there, say a little prayer for Stefanie and her family. She's getting ready to travel to China in about a week to bring home little Vivi- how exciting!

This is the pose you will most often find him in. I realize it's his job, but if he could have it surgically attached I think he would.

Not afraid at all to tackle this mess and perfectly happy to spend an afternoon in it with his 5 year old daughter.....

...with only one condition. That he gets to bring some toys too.

I've reluctantly realized that this man has more patience than I do when it comes to sitting down and devoting an hour or two on the weekend to dressing Barbies.
And I mean hours. Every weekend.

Loves to battle those boys on the Wii.....

...and make sure that their "dress-up" is up to military standards.

And if it wasn't for him, this dog wouldn't be here. I mean, I had a different one picked out on that cold Saturday at the rescue shelter, but he insisted on this one....
.....and she won't let him forget it either.
I can't forget to mention that this man can cook too. Hates having his picture taken, but man can he cook. And I'm not just sayin' that so I don't have to.
And this, well, this is what happens when he just "messes around" with the camera for a couple seconds. Yes, I'm jealous, because I couldn't have taken one like this if I tried. In fact I did and it didn't work.
This was our Christmas tree.
So I'll post this pic of him just for spite. It's a repeat from many blogs ago.....

.....but he didn't know I posted it that time either :)


  1. What a wonderful guy you're married to :) He sounds like he's got some incredibly special qualities (cooking? playing Barbie?)... definitely a keeper ;)
    Thanks so much for posting about your husband, great idea!
    And thank you SO much for your prayers, I am so grateful!!

  2. Love that last picture!!!

    You know,.... only true man can play Barbies with his daughter for hours!!! Good for him!!!

    And he cooks, too?????


    What a great post!!