Wednesday, June 19, 2013

let's go back to Easter, shall we??

because I don't recall how I forgot to post these, but that's okay. as I always say, better late than never!
since it looked like this, we couldn't do our egg hunt outside, so we did it inside 
and yes, we made everyone participate. mostly because it was great for the Lil' Lady to have a visual of how to hunt for the elusive egg. next year, I think i'll have to let go and let the boys sit out the hunt. unless they want to of course:)

this year she got the hang of it much quicker! 
she loved the fact that there was one in a shoe 
and even though she couldn't read her sibs helped her read the clue to where her Easter basket was hidden. 

a willing participant to help eat a chocolate bunny pop 

at this point I don't remember too many of the details which is okay ya know because the most important part was not the jelly beans and eggs but someone who made a promise. a promise to return to us, and He did.
He has risen!
He has risen indeed:) 

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