Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ All eyes ...

sixth grade, but still my baby boy. all he has to do is look at me with those eyes and i find myself saying things like "yeah, you can have a second cupcake before dinner"

{which is what i heard myself saying about 15 minutes ago}

really. i'm not that big of a pushover

this boys loves to flaunt his abs, especially in front of his dad who claims he's still gott'em......somewhere when he was 3 his little sister was born and they had this bond like no other. he would always reach for her little hand almost as if it was a comfort object. Now with Lil' Lady its the same deal. he can't stand to see her cry and will give in to her every time. that's why she hangs with him most of the time

found these two jammin' when they were supposed to be getting ready for bed

yeah, those eyes. he says they scored him a "girlfriend" week 2 of sixth grade.

during our annual pumpkin patch tour he came up missing when we were waiting for him to bring his pick to the counter.

dad found him sitting in the car seat sneakin' the last bit of kettle corn.

those of you who know him know that food comes first. he'll probably be rushing through the line at the China buffet minutes before he's to be standing at the altar

i have faith that this boy will do great things someday- he wants to play professional baseball and own his own restaurant. if anything i know for certain that someday he will be an amazing husband and father. i can't wait to see that.

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