Monday, October 3, 2011

More baseball??

yep. the season was not quite over yet. the brothers vounteered to be Miracle League buddies for a few special players so two more games it was,
and even though we hadn't cleared them with the Lil' Lady, she was fine with it. after all, she did sit through every game of the season...what's two more?

Our oldest was assigned his buddy right away and they were off to practice in the outfield

and have a little conversation during the game.

our second with his buddy who loved to run

brothers and buddies met up on third
after the first of two innings, all players gathered to sing "take me out to the ball game"

{Li'l Lady loved that}

at the end both teams lined up and shook hands

you could tell that these players couldn't wait to get on that field and play the game.

for the the next game the following weekend, we had warmer weather

and new buddies

if those two boys were nervous about helping out they certainly didn't show it. they took their responsibilities of assisting and protecting the players seriously.

i'm so proud of these guyswhat better end to a baseball season could you have?

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