Sunday, May 8, 2011


I never had a sister, don't know that I really ever wished for one now that I think about it

It's been so fascinating to see their relationship blossom over the past 9 months

As the Lil' Lady becomes a wee bit more independent, the First Lady still wants to help her even more

which results in a clash at times, but it always ends well

And then there are those moments when we are annoyed with each other. Like when the First Lady set up her office in the middle of the living room to work and the Lil' Lady insisted on taking everything from her desk.

In my attempt to get her out of her sister's hair smooth things over I brought in another desk, chair and supplies but somehow it would all end up on the Lil' Lady's desk anyway. She's like that you see, she wants what you're having too and sometimes big sister isn't so keen on it. These are the moments when I get a glimpse of the future....when the 12 year old comes downstairs wearing the 16 year old's shirt and all h*ll breaks loose.

So for now I will treasure the moments where they are so infatuated with each other that they just lay on the floor together and laugh at nothing, or when they make laps around the main level just chasing a shoelace or jump rope that someone is dragging behind them. Sigh.

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