Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snapshot~ our first lady... lately

gonna go waaaay back here in an attempt to catch up with the First Lady. I can't believe I never posted some of these. i suppose the start of the new school year is what i can blame since they left off right about there! so get ready for a barrage of candids of our first daughter.

 i have so many more of her because frankly, she loves having her picture taken unlike her brothers who tolerate me once they see the camera come out.
so these are all from last summer. yikes. 

check it out! the rare moment i can get her in a dress!
 an awesome night of trick-or-treating

at the corn pit
 not sure when she took this, i stole it from her ipad. must've been around Thanksgiving with the wreath in the back. but wait, there's Christmas lights on the deck. that's not like me, usually one holiday comes down before the next goes up. i'm so confused.
 gettin' ready to go play in the snow with her brother. her brother hid from the camera.
showing off her new purse handmade by Grammy!

 nappin' with the brothers
 experimenting with some makeup in the only place she's allowed to wear it. not the kitchen, but in the house :)
the results. yikes 
after one of several blizzards
 nerd day at school
 no, this is NOT a school outfit. she was practicing her gymnastics in the living room a little glammed up.
New Years softball tournament at the dome 
on the eve of her 10th birthday
 the Easter egg hunt
and this was only half of what i should've posted, but i'll have to save those for another time:)

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