Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good golly,I love this boy

He's nothing like me which is why we get along so well. I truly believe he's more tuned in to me than anybody else in the house. He always knows when momma needs some cuddlin' and being the momma's boy he is , he has no problem givin' it

He's the fastest mover in the house every morning. Before I can even ask, he's jumpin' out of bed and putting on the clothes he picked out the night before and within minutes he's downstairs packing his own lunch. This ranks high on mom's list, let me tell ya.

See this? This is his idea of Saturday night fun. It was around 10pm, everyone else was asleep and I was doing what I'm doing now. He decided to rearrange the pantry. You see, he loves food. He loves thinking about it, planning for it, shopping for it, looking at it, eating it of course- and then maneuvering it around. It drives me nuts when he does this because I can't find anything so I leave it that way for about a week and then I secretly rearrange it again.

I have to include this story because it was just so darn funny. This was our last plane ride back home. He was so excited to realize he got to sit by himself and not next to some stranger. So I snapped a pic of him reveling in his independence.

I mean, He. Was. Excited. That was until the plane was airborne and a business man who must've been squished somewhere else slid in beside him - with his TGI Friday's burger and fries. For some reason, this was all my fault -the fact that he was forced to sit beside someone eating that while he was nibbling peanuts.

So anyhow, this boy will one day have his own restaraunt. He has already planned the decor and half of the menu which contains a heck of a lot of meat- hence the name- Meat Shack. Come casual because it's just that kind of place.

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