Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ 11? No way...

So now our second is another year older and for some reason the speed that he is growing shocks me more than any of the others.
He's really starting to come into his own....instead of always relying on his big brother who is really only 17 months older. He's our clothes horse...the one who is very particular about what he wears and will go through several outfits on a school morning to get just the right one. I wish this pic was scratch and sniff because then you would also notice how good he smells. I can never tell if he's swipin' dad's cologne or if dad is swipin' his. He sure loves his shoes and will probably have a closetful someday that rivals a Kardashian's. He has certain pairs he'll wear with certain outfits.
{picture taken by our second}

This was the start of his birthday party. His dad and Uncle putting together the soccer goal he wanted.... with a little help

It was kind of hard to plan a birthday bash for an 11 year old, but in the end we invited a few friends, served up a lot of food and made sure we wore them out kept'em busy
Like having them search for a piece of bubblegum in a mound of whipped cream

Now that was fun

We really did wear those boys out, and between the candy buffet and campfire with s'mores I think they pepped up just in time to head home to bed

eleven years old...yikes

I'm really wishin' I could find that pause button about now.


  1. Happy BIrthday! That looked like a lot of fun.

  2. My oldest is 11 now, too! Let me know if you find that pause button!

    Looks like a very fun party!

  3. What a fun party! I never would have thought of the gumball in the whipped cream! Happy birthday!

  4. I'm going to remeber that game for the future! FUN!!!!

  5. Love the gumball search!
    And if you find that pause button, let me know...

    (hoppin' over from Sunday Snapshot)