Friday, May 10, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday~ chance encounters

from an early age our boys have always been brave enough to shake a veterans hand when they spot one in public. the First Lady is a bit shy at times but if her big brothers are there to approach someone with her she will go. most seem to know the routine, perhaps they are used to it. some are truly surprised, and a few have talked our ears off. i'll never forget the fellow in the Walmart candy aisle who told us the story about when the plane he was piloting ran out of fuel as he was flying over Japan. he was quite the story teller and he knew he had an audience! 
{John in front of Fishtales and Pigtales Buffet in Bristol, TN}
since we brought the Lil' Lady home we've been lucky enough to meet a few Korean War veterans. at one point I got the idea to start taking a few pictures thinking I might compile enough to make a small album for her someday. i was worried these fine gentlemen would think I was a nut ball but it's been a wonderful experience so far. i have missed occasions when i didn't have my camera but now i always carry it with me never knowing where or when we may run in to America's finest!
{Phillip at Sam's Club in Apple Valley,MN}

the long road

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