Tuesday, August 5, 2014

the lost birthday photos....2013

the awesome camera the hubs got me for Mother's Day a year ago does funny things.
every once in a while i can't find pics i've taken on the darn thing, for like months.
and then, suddenly, they reappear a half a year later.
i present to you the "lost" photos of our youngest celebrating her birthday during our trip to the Wisconsin Dells last summer! 
gee whiz...everyone has grown so much
 we got word of a restaurant that brings your food by train so that's where we went.
 we like our lemonade :)

here come the drinks! 
 and them some random stuffed animals..

 the main course!
 along with some bubbles...those were her favorite

all tuckered out back at the hotel
these were her 4th birthday photos..stay tuned for her 5th birthday photos soon because i know exactly where they are:)

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