Monday, September 27, 2010

A Dream Fulfilled!

Finally, he's a participant and no longer a spectator.

{check out more Sunday Snapshots at Ni Hao Y'all} Not able to drill until he's 16,but he does play a mean fife and is considered a musician for the 1st Mn. Vol. InfantryOf course he's given some grunt work, but to him there's nothing he'd rather be doing!Everything has to be authentic, including the chickens that were yanked out of the pen and "prepped" for his lunch
{glad I didn't arrive until after that part}

He was even invited to spend the night in a spare tent, even though it belonged to a Reb- but mom made him come home and get a good, warm night's sleep and a decent hot meal before going back the next day. Hey, I'm not ready for him to go off to war yet Did I say yet?

Before you take off, make this kids day by checking out his blog. He just debuted it yesterday and is getting a kick outta how many different cities have checked in already! So go check out CIVILWARKID and if you are or could be a US Civil War buff like he is, leave a comment!!

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