Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you remember...all the fun times we had? Back to School Blues

This was August 10, about 5 or 6 hours after we were given our little girl
One month later and doing swell. Her oldest brother has settled into the role of snuggle bug. Believe it or not, this 6th grader comes home after school and instead of grabbin' the Wii remote or headed out to play football like he used to, he'll grab her blankie and give her a bottle on the couch. She's wonderin' where were you all day?

And the fifth grader is pure entertainment. He has several nicknames for her already and as soon as he enters the room she erupts into fits of giggles
But where did you go?
where did you go, big sister first grader, a.k.a lil' mama?
{This is their new favorite song to dance to, so turn it up!}
Lately I've been told-
"mama, you need to change her diaper"


"mama, you have to give her a bottle now"

"I don't think she should eat that mom"
and my favorite-
"Are you watching the baby, mom?"

I have no idea how I'll manage without her:)She can't figure out why they leave each day and she's really bummin'
Since they've been gone she's had her first check-up at the international adoption clinic here at the University of Minnesota

We have a few things we're still keeping an eye on..

...but she's sleeping well and eats like a horse

That's half the battle we're told

The doc said that if we were to bring 100 little girls her age into a room she'd be taller than all 100 of them.

{Basically we were told that her height is above the 100 percentile}

And we were told she is hypermobile throughout her whole body

{Basically, she's double jointed}
That explains a few things we've seen!

And it's funny how after all of the blankets we bought for her, the only one she really wants is her big brother's 12 year old quilt made for him by his great great Aunt Naomi. Good thing he gave it up years ago, there's really no room for it in his locker.

She's a busy girl as you can see and since the kids are gone she finds clever ways to replace them during the day, but it's just not the same.
She knows that the big yellow can on wheels brings home three very missed sibs, and she waits
for them to "bring it back"
Let the fun begin!

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  1. Everytime I log into this, I simply cry. This is so beautiful. It's a real lift to my spirit - just seeing the amount of love shared in your family. You are doing such an amazing thing.