Sunday, June 26, 2011

They rocked it alright

and even though they played harder than they ever had this season they lost by one run in the end, 10-9

Check out those downcast faces, I tell ya. Every single one of those boys should be proud of how they played today though, they didn't let up.

Coach gave them the pep talk and kept it positive asking them if they had fun trying. Of course they did.

He's a good one, that's for sure. Keeps it in perspective for them.

It was hard for some of'em to smile even though they did earn a medal....

but the coach was able to get'em to laugh in the end reminding them of some of their amazing feats out there on the diamond

Two weeks off now and then the rest of the season begins....
...with another tournament, the final end of the year tournament, that is.
And even though Mama bit off off all of her nails, shed some tears, ate way to many peanuts and forgot to apply her sunscreen I think I can do it all over again.... because it was worth it:)

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