Monday, December 5, 2011

This is home~ Sunday Snapshot

i've been watching my Lil' Lady lately and i'm struck by how content she is. last year at Christmas with 4 months under our belt i thought we were there, but no.

looking back i see a happy baby but now it's different, because this is home

she knows she is our daughter
and she knows she is their sister.
she doesn't hold back or wait for an invitation,
she just jumps right in. that's how it was from the very start

we didn't accept her, she accepted us.

and we're so glad she did.

it amazes me how much she tries to be like her brothers and sister

to be able to do what they are doing.

she is so smart- while watching her big sister make a cinnamon sleigh

she couldn't be outdone

she made her own little piece of dough and used not one but two cookie cutters on top.

so big sister showed her how it was done

watching the two of them together it's like she's been with us forever

and we wouldn't know what to do without her

I really think she knows...that this is home

and she's finally where she belongs

{her final creation}

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