Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ the season so far

Ni Hao Yall

this woulda been a favorite pic of mine with the "diamond dust" and sun beams but i just couldn't get the light right. oh well.
the 2012 boys baseball season has been underway for about 2 months now and we're havin' a blast. with about 4 weeks left and the heat crankin' up we're glad to have this week off with no games. these boys deserve a break!
our oldest was on the 7th gr. school team this year and is still playing for the community league Yellow Jackets team for the next few weeks. he mostly plays first base and has discovered some mad pitching skills this year. more to come with his team later.
our second has just gone plum crazy this year playing for the 5th/6th gr Colorado Rockies team. he's their #1 pitcher and during one game pitched a few no hitters. whoa.

he's evolved into quite the baseball player, takes his time and makes good decisions. the mid season tournament took a full week to pull off with the frequent storms we had.

we had to wait for the mound to be dry enough before starting and once we started it flared up again and their game that determined who went to the finals had to be stopped in the second inning with only 1 out and the score 6-3.

it was restarted 5 days later exactly where it left off with their runners still on 1st and 2nd. he pitched three innings and they ended up winning. we all had to hustle to another park to play the championship game.

it was a close one, 7-6 and they came in second, but we got it done!

still half a season to go and then that nail biting end season tournament. it's tough some nights to get everyone where they need to be. at one point we had 2 boys, 3 games, and 3 ballparks in 1 night. we miss it though when it's all over.

it won't be a problem, however, if this one decides to try a little fall softball.

mama's keepin' her fingers crossed!

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