Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ farewell.....

to baseball season 2012.

Ni Hao Yall

the Lil' Lady's sticky ipod from which she watched countless hours of Super Why and Caillou.....
the chairs that lived in the back of my Ford for the last 3 months my "score pad". I will miss them all. I am sad, and already thinkin' about next year.
these boys played well. better than well. i'm so proud. it was a lot of games i tell ya, i lost count at 42 games between the two of 'em.
and like last season, Lil' Lady should get something for near perfect attendance. she sat patiently through entire games, and even cheered those boys on at times. here she is schmoozing sibs of her brothers teammate.

our oldest had many hits and not just with the bat. he was nailed in the face, hand, side and in the back twice this season and even had a dog go after him when he retrieved a foul ball!

good times though, good times.

our second turned out to be a great pitcher
{Pic by Pop Pop}

and of course, could steal around those bases before anyone knew what was happening.

in the end his team didn't quite win the championship, but they sure had fun tryin'.
we had some great coaches this year, hopefully we'll get lucky again next season.

{Pic by Pop Pop}

all i can say, is it better come quick!

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  1. Looks like a super busy summer...filled with lots of fun!!