Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ on stage...finally

Ni Hao Yall 
i can barely stand it. after years of dressing up to play super heroes and participating in civil war re enactments he's finally found the stage. we've always known he'd be pretty comfortable up there.. in whatever costume and in whatever accent. we just didn't know how comfortable. the boy's a natural. and yes, i know i'm mom; and i'm biased, but really, i'm not kiddin'! 
this was yesterday morning just an hour before his second performance. he had his lines memorized a month before opening night, so there were like no worries.  
catching a snack before dad took him down to the school.
 it couldn't have been a better play for his first... a name like Smilin' Slade Claggett, cowboys, guns and pretty ladies! right up his alley:)
here are a few snippets if you have a few minutes...
"get out there and rob that wagon train!"
shoot out...
curtain call...
 the First Lady brought a friend the second day.
posing with his cast mates
and his villainess
the cast really did a phenomenal job from the littlest to the biggest!
he's definitely been bitten by the acting bug and is chompin' at the bit to do another play. unfortunately, with baseball season and our summer vacation we couldn't make the next production.
but lucky for him Tom Sawyer is slated for this fall so i have a feeling he'll be back up on that stage again real soon:)
 some press release photos from the director

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