Thursday, August 8, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday ~ the county fair

2013 county fair!
 the kids decided to each enter something in the fair this year! 
our resident foodie baked his favorite cookie recipe...chock full of coconut, chocolate chips and a few other secret ingredients these babies are good. somebody else thought so too since he was awarded second place in his age category! boy, was he excited:)
the First Lady took a few weeks this summer to create a Mexican Day of the Dead mask. she was very picky about her colors and design which got her quite frustrated a few times, but she got it done! 
 we tried to find her mask in her age category but it was nowhere to be found and I was afraid it had gotten lost when they were put up for display. lo and behold she found it in a glass case where it placed first for her category along with an extra ribbon awarded for excellence! i don't think I've ever seen this girl so excited. there was jumping, screaming and more jumping until I finally got her settled down to take her picture.
guess all that frustration paid off! 
our oldest created a beautiful graphite drawing based on an original civil war photograph.  
it was hard to photograph it through the frame glass, but the detail and shading was awesome. 
he received a ribbon of participation and was a bit bummed at first but that was mainly due to the $6 prize he was hoping to spend!! 
the Lil' Lady didn't enter anything this year but sure enjoyed the animals at the fair. 
she got her first pony ride ever compliments of her Great Uncle Rick... 
 everyone else riding was dead silent, but she was hollerin' yee-haw and giddy-up the entire time!
check out that huge smile on her face!
 of course, the food was fabulous. i think we all overdid it on the food, but we certainly enjoyed the process!
 and then the girl people watching too, that's always interesting.
yep, our county fair is just the bees knees. the kids were so excited about their entries they're already talking about what they're going to enter next year.
see ya at the fair next August folks!

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