Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ 3 years today

can it really, truly be that long? three years ago today we were on a 16 hour flight home with a screaming, wailing, unhappy Lil' Lady who didn't know us from a hill of beans and let everyone on that plane know it. it's taken me these three years to even speak of that plane ride again, but I can tell you now that just like childbirth, it was completely worth it. just look at that smile...  
as always i couldn't get her to even look at the camera let alone smile. she just wasn't interested in having her picture taken this afternoon.
step in- the First Lady. if it wasn't for her we couldn't have gotten the job done. she put on such an act that the smile and laughs kept comin'
i look way back and i just can't believe there was ever a time without her. she has made our family complete.
just a side note...the dress she wore today is the matching dress her big sister wore to meet us at the airport that day. she can already wear it!
 Happy Homecoming Lil' Lady
 we love you so very much
God is Good:)
Ni Hao Yall


  1. Oh I love these pictures! And I may have to borrow your sign idea! What a precious little beauty you have. Happy happy Gotcha Day to you all!