Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ September

so September has come and gone in a blur. with the start of school for the kids and going back to teaching I have not put much time into blogging. but at least I've taken some pictures!
this was our first annual "back to school" fashion show we held for dad and the grandparents. we cranked up the music and walked the runway to show off some of our new outfits- some of which were bought second hand thank you very much. you would never know it:)
some of us weren't quite in to the catwalk, but the Lil' Lady loved it! 
and some took the opportunity to surprise everyone with the fact that he could fit into dads 20 year old Air Force flight suit! not wearin' that to school though!
the Lil' Lady's teacher sent us a picture of her at the drawing table. she absolutely loves pre-k and hates waiting until noon for her bus to come when everyone else is heading out in the morning.
the pool is now winterized with the cover on :(
we had some hot late summer days to enjoy it a few times after school but it soon got chilly at night enough to bring the water temp down into the 60's
there's no way mama was gettin' into that, but a few brave ones took the polar plunge one night to close out the season!
  it was a great second season of swimming though, kept everyone worn out!
now it's back to movie nights with $1 candy from Walmart and dad's homemade theater popcorn.
this fall I tried my hand at taking the kids pictures myself again instead of using a photographer that we really can't afford. I had everything planned out, the clothes, the locations and the weather....what I hadn't planned on was the mosquito's so instead of taking my time to get just the right shots it was- "hurry up, sit down, stand up, turn that way, no, that way, head down, look at me, smile please, get back in the car! some us came out with quite a few itchy welts but I did get some good pics, for free!



this is by far my most favorite picture of the Lil' Lady! that laugh is too much!

the kids got all dressed up for homecoming again this year! our Tigers are undefeated and won their game 19-3. 

the majority of our September, however, was dominated by the First Lady's softball.
this was our view two nights a week and on Sundays for double headers.  
her 10U team played 10 games and qualified for the state championship!
she couldn't wait to get home that Sunday and tell her brothers she made the championship!
the day of the tournament however, called for 100% chance of rain.
and. it. did.  
so the next 5 pics are from her qualifier tournament, not the championship because i couldn't take my camera out in the rain!
they were to play possibly up to four the rain. which I didn't really get, cause even the major league games our called due to rain, right?
she knows how to steal like her brothers... i love it:) 
 the brothers came to cheer her on which always got her to smile. they were pretty loud.

those girls played hard in that rain i tell ya. it was windy and only in the low sixties all day. they were soaked and it was CHILLY. 
 they won the first three games back to back and went on to play for first place.
in the end, they lost by only one taking second place in the state for their tier. 
it was awesome. cold, and awesome 
she had a good coach this season. he was certainly tough, but she learned so much in such a short time.  
we're so proud of you baby! 
 can ya tell how soaked she is?
 yep, September was busy. we've been going since April with baseball and softball and even though we miss it and can't wait for next season we're certainly looking forward to some down time.....
or as down as you can get with this family.
God is good:)
Ni Hao Yall

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  1. You are so lucky to have a pool. We don't have the weather for it here but i would love to have one